silhouette of people standing on highland during golden hours
silhouette of people standing on highland during golden hours

First of all

Lead Your Own Pack.

"Lead Your Own Pack" was written with the aim towards inspiring and teaching others about the skillsets to acquire, in order to achieve effective leadership and personal growth. The book goes over both ups and downs that the Author went through and currently goes through in his life as a teen entrepreneur and discusses vulnerabilities that have led him to where he is at today. Buy it now for only $6.99 on Amazon KDP, Barnes & Noble, and other select stores!

Daniel Zelevansky

About the author...

"Lead Your Own Pack" is a book written by Daniel Zelevansky, a teen entrepreneur, writer, author, and influencer with over 530k followers. Daniel, born in 2006, making him just 16 years of age when he first wrote the book. The book calibrates the experiences that he has gone through in his 5 years of working on online businesses as well as qualities that he has picked up on along the way. This book is a must-read for anyone striving for personal and professional growth.

silhouette of people on hill
silhouette of people on hill

And let's not forget

Empower yourself

Lead Your Own Pack teaches you how to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself. The book was crafted for the reader to develop their own interpretation of how they want to perceive each chapter of the book in their own, personal way. With practical tips and true stories, this book will empower you to achieve your goals regardless of what age you're starting. It's truly never too late.

About Lead Your Own Pack

Lead Your Own Pack is a book created by teen entrepreneur Daniel Zelevansky. With a passion for leadership and personal growth, Daniel wrote this book to inspire and teach others how to become effective leaders and achieve their goals. Releasing on December 20th for just $6.99.

Take charge. Motivate Others. Be the BEST version of you. Lead Your Own Pack.

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